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Welcome to BEES Network's Finance Boutique where we provide customized investment solutions. Whether you want to invest for Short Term or Long Term, have a High Risk apetite or prefer assured income, we got you covered. Know how we will assist you in growing & protecting your wealth

personal wealth manager

Upon sign up, you will be assigned a Personal Wealth Manager who will get in touch with you immediately to guide you through the process. 

Personal Wealth Manager
Assessing Your Goals

Assessing Your Goals

Once you are familiar with our process, your personal wealth manager will proceed with analyzing your objectives. This will help us formulate a customized investment strategy. 

Welcome Aboard!

You can instantly start enjoying the benefits of being part of BEES Network Family. Track your investments on the go, receive weekly updates, market insights & future recommendations picked out just for you!  

Welcome Aboard!

Services We Provide

Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds

They help you diversify, grow your money, beat inflation & also save tax. But which one suits you best?

Stock Broking

Stock Broking

BEES Network gives retail and institutional investors the opportunity to trade shares at ease

Infrastructure Bonds

India is developing rapidly and so should you.

Equity Shares

Equity shares

You need not be an expert in the stock market. You got us! The A-Z of stocks decoded

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planner

You have done the hard work. Now let's make your money do the same for you

Fixed Deposits

Who says all Fixed Deposits are the same? Find out the best one for you, with Bees Network

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